When I’m asked, “How do you identify your target market, I reply by saying it’s just like learning any other skill. Yet, it is by far one of the biggest stumbling blocks I find business owners fall over.

I am not sure why it is, but learning how to identify your target market seems to be a skill set that many people do not have. A lot of them also have no idea who it is they even want to target.

If this is you, then do not think for a moment, that you are alone. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people out there, who really have no idea how to identify their target market.

I have done countless LIVE videos, and recordings on this subject. I’ve even created a small course on how to identify your target market. This is for those who are ready to really dig deep and do the job properly. Once and for all. So, if that’s you, then the link is below.

One Of The Most Important Steps 

For those of you new to business, and for those of you who have been in business for some time, listen up.  This is one of the most crucial things that needs to happen for your business to succeed.  There is really no point in just floundering along with only half an idea of who it is you want to serve.  That’s like just shooting an arrow willy nilly, not knowing where it is you really want to aim.

It really is imperative that you drill deep down.  The better you know WHO your ideal customer is, the more you can do in your marketing to serve them.  The more you can do to serve them, the quicker and easier it will be to find them, and convert them into paying clients.

And that’s what you truly want isn’t it?

So, why do business owners find this so difficult? Well, it’s my belief that learning how to identify your target market is so hard because many business owners do not really know where their true passions lie.

Many business owners come up with a business idea based on what they think people will want.  They choose businesses they think will do well. Whilst this is important, I feel it’s also important that potential business owners go with business ideas they love and are passionate about.

One Secret is Finding out What YOU Love!

I talk about this in Chapter 1 of my #1 International Best Selling Book  – Lockdown took my income.  In this chapter, I go into details on the right questions to be asking yourself if you want to start drilling down on what you are really passionate about.  What really makes your heart sing, dance, and what brings you more joy than anything else.  This my friend is where you should be focusing your business endeavours on.

The more you love your business, the more energy you’ll put in. When you truly love your business, you’ll get more excitement from it.  Being passionate about your business will bring you more joy, happiness and laughter.

So how do you identify your target market?  Well, the first step is making sure you are passionate about what you are doing.  The next vital move is simply recognising whether these passions you have are a wanted commodity.  Once you’ve established that it’s a required service for others, then you can start drilling down even further.

In the book Lock down took my income, part of chapter 8 is dedicated to digging into your target market.  This resource is brilliant if you are starting a business from scratch, and you need a road map or blueprint on exactly how to do it.   It’s the exact same system that I’ve used to start, build and maintain my own businesses, 11 of them in fact.

The Right Questions To Ask

So, here are the things you want to start digging out about your target market. You want to know exactly who your people are.  How old are they?  Be specific.  Are they male or female?  Where do they live?  What do they do for work?  What do they do in their spare time?  Where do they shop? What brands do they like?  Are they mothers, grandmothers? Do they like to travel?

Now these are only a small sample of the questions you want to be asking your target market.  In the Tall Poppies Rising Target Market challenge we go much deeper, and much more in depth, so that you can really know exactly where you are going to shoot that arrow.

Get The Skills To Drill Even Deeper

With the TPR Target Market System, you’ll not only know exactly who you want to target, you’ll also know them intimately.  You’ll know all their loves and their loathes. You will know who they admire, and who they dislike. What they read, where they hang out on social media, and where their likely to be found at 9pm on a Friday night, you’ll also know.

If you’d like to do the TPR Target Market training, you can access it here. It’s a paid mini course, and will set you back $7. It is however, one of the most in depth training’s I’ve found around for this kind of thing.

Considering how important it is to identify your target market, I am sure you’ll see that the price tag is well worth it.  So, what are you waiting for?  If you truly want to find out the answer to “How do you identify your target market, then take the time to dig deep and do the work.  It truly will change the way you look at your business, and your potential customers.

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