Below are just a few of the small business ideas available.  If you are struggling to find the right answer, check out our #1 International Best Selling Book Lockdown Took My Income for a fool proof blueprint on how to come up with a winning idea.

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  1. Selling online on Ebay, or any other online platform.  Now this is an incredible small business idea and one I have used multiple times.  What did I sell?  All different kinds of things, such as tools, baby gear, and even some stuff that I didn’t want anymore. This can easily be a very lucrative small business that you can run from home, or anywhere for that matter.  The competition here can be fierce.  If you have the right mindset though, and you can come up with something better or different to what your competitors are doing, you may just be able to get the edge.
  2. Multi Level Marketing – Now I hear you groan, and seriously, this is a really good option.  There are so many great multi level marketing businesses out there, that can cost you little or nothing to start up in, and if you have the right mindset, you can easily get to the top of the company, and be making really silly money.  Most people are scared off by stories that they’ve heard, but honestly, it’s a really good way and an excellent small business idea. Most people who fail with MLMs do so, because they do not have the right mindset and that is easily changed.  Fear controls most of us, and unless you get this sorted, you may struggle being successful in your MLM.
  3. AMAZON – It’s taking the world by storm, so why not be part of it right?  So many people have created an incredible income from this source, or shopify, or anything similar to this, and it’s different from Ebay etc, because it doesn’t involve bidding.  So, whether it’s other people’s products you want to sell, or your own, this is a very viable option for a small business idea. Again, this is quite competitive, and with the right mindset, and positioning yourself differently, you can find the edge that will take you far.

4. Affiliate Marketing – This is a great small business idea that you can do from home and the products you can sell are as diverse as they can be. Whether it’s digital products, or actual physical products, there is so much variety and so much scope for you to sell. And if you are great at selling then this is sure to be a complete winner. Being great at selling though also comes down to having a solid mindset, so make sure you get yours cleared out if you have things holding you back.

5. Copywriting business. If you are any good at writing, then this could be an incredibly viable small business idea for you.  There are people all over the world who really need help with their copy, and if you have a skill in this area, you could find yourself with more work than you can handle.  Believing in yourself is really vital for this kind of business. If for whatever reason you believe you, or what you produce is not good enough, you may struggle with deadlines for your clients. If you need help building your self belief, we can help you.

6. Dropshipping.  – Now this is a small business idea that you can actually start with very little money down, it just takes some time to get set up.  Make sure you take on a course from a reputable company on how this is done, so you can make sure you do it right, and save yourself a bunch of time and loss of income though.  You have to be confident for this type of business to ensure you get the best deals and the most reliable suppliers, otherwise, you could end up with many delivery delays.  If you need help building your confidence, reach out.

7. Information Selling – If you have a skill, and can teach something you could create some programs, or courses for people to learn that skill as well. If you are a master at something then why not teach others to do what you do?  It’s a great small business idea.  Again this comes down to believing you are good enough, and that you can add value to others. If you do not believe this, then you may find it difficult to move forward with this idea.  Get that sorted, so you can be, and do whatever you want.

8. Provide A Service. Are you able to do a service for someone?  SEO, can you build websites, any service you can do that others could pay you for. You could create a business out of that. It’s incredible how you can start a business and the thing is, all you actually have to do is START!  Getting the right mindset will make it easier for you to pick up what you need get make that happen.

9. ETSY – If you are creative in anyway, this is a great way to be able to start a small business idea from scratch, and it’s actually really easy to do.  So, if you have a craft or a talent, then check out Etsy.

10. Contracting yourself out for say Call Centre Work. This is a way to earn money from home as well, without a big cost or outlay. You just need to have the skills they require, and then call companies and put your proposal forward.  Companies in my opinion would be open to the opportunity of taking someone on, who values themselves enough to put forward a business proposal, rather than just apply for a job. Remember, confidence is key when selling yourself, so if you lack confidence in being able to promote yourself, then getting your mindset cleared and sorted is the first step you need to take.

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