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Hello, my name is Maini Homer.

Together with my team of Highly Qualified Master NLP Practitioners, Business Coaches and a Mindset Coach or two, we are making a global impact like no other.

Serving clients from over 25 countries, our goal is to impact 1,000,000 women in 2020

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Our Team Of Highly Qualified Master NLP Practitioners,

Business And Mindset Coaches are standing by to serve you. 

As A Result, whether it’s Business, or Lifestyle changes needed,

we’ve got the perfect coach for you.

Many Different Services On Offer

Whether it’s working on your Abundance Mindset or Building Your Self Confidence and Self Belief.

Maybe It’s Breaking Through The Barriers Keeping You Stuck Where You Are.

Because, working With a Mindset Coach will move you forward FAST!

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Articles on working out what’s holding you back and stopping you from being able to go out and smash your dream life.

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About Maini Homer And The Tall Poppies Rising Movement

Maini has been in business for herself for over 23 years. In that time she has built and sold many successful businesses, building them all from scratch.
 Maini has owned Bricks n Mortar businesses, MLM businesses, Service Businesses, Retail Businesses and Online Businesses. In her 23 years, she’s ridden the ups and downs. Maini has had her successes, and a few “feedback moments” along the way too.
Now she runs an International Coaching company with Highly Qualified NLP Practitioners, Business Coaches and a Mindset Coach or two.
Tall Poppies Rising was developed to help the people who want to build themselves up. This is to help them build confidence. To help them develop the self-belief and the self-worth they need. To give them the belief that they can have EVERYTHING they’ve ever wanted. Nothing can or will hold them back.
The Team at Tall Poppies Rising are here to help you find YOU again. Whether that be in your business, career, home or family life, or just life in general. No matter what stage you are at in life, our team can work with you one on one to produce Outstanding Results.
Because we respect that you may not be able to work 1:1 with a coach, there are also online programs you can take part in. These will help you build your Abundance Mindset. Or perhaps you want to start you on the journey with Self Confidence, Self Worth and Self Belief.
Whatever it is you want to achieve in your life. Wherever it is you want to go. The team at Tall Poppies Rising can help you get there.
We do this, because we’ve been there too. All our coaches are true Tall Poppies just like you. People who know they can achieve more, and with our help and training, are now doing so. Our coaches are all business owners. They are all striving for their own goals and dreams, as well as serving you.
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